May 2020

Covid-19 collaborations

Even more so in these difficult times, unusual collaborations happen unexpectedly and all of a sudden, this time with Atelier de maquettes Christine Franck and Dr. Laurent Meyers. Together we developed, produced and delivered 100 bio-compatible key elements to integrate with the new respirators for the Ministry of Health. The fight against Covid-19 continues, and we do what we can to help with our skills and knowledge.

May 2020

Protective shield for young school children

Since schools in Luxembourg are soon going to re-open for young children, as parents, architects, designers we decided to re-think the existing safety medical face shield, and re-adapt it to be placed on the kids’ hat. 

The protective shield is not a substitute for a mask. The main goal is to reduce the frequency a child touches his/her face, outside the classroom, in the school hallway, courtyard, from school to home. To dedramatize this new situation and to reduce the potential anxiety in kids and parents, we introduce a creative add-on, which kids can personalize, and wear and exhibit proudly.

Feel free to share and download the file for 3d printing and the templates. The documents are open source and available for anyone who wants to produce the protection shields.

Link to download the pack:

March 2020

Metaform face-protection

Hi everyone.
After an amazing response from our followers and their peers concerning our 3d printable face-protection gear, we would like inform you can drop the face-gear you  created at our Luxembourg offices ( rue Goethe) so we can make sure they go to the right hands in need.
Please contact us beforehand and preferably in 10er boxes.

The files for 3d printer format (.stl .3dm .gcode) are to be downloaded on this wetransfer link :

Contact  us know on Facebook or email us on

Article about the mask also published by Paperjam :

December 2019

We wish you.....

From sunny Dubai to a cosy winter in Luxembourg
Metaform Architects' team wishes you a wonderful festive season 2019/2020

October 2019

Our latest book : 'fifteen'

Metaform Architects is proud to announce that it published a second Metaform Book called ‘Fifteen’.
In this new book, the project showcased is nothing less than the award-winning Dommeldange Residential building which was also nominated for the Nominated for EU Mies Award 2016.
This 58 page book will tell you everything you want to know about the project
If you are interested in a copy, just contact us at the offices in Luxembourg.

October 2019

Anri Sala - Le temps coudé

After our first scenography last February at the Mudam museum for the painting of Jutta Koether, Metaform Architects entered a new collaboration with Studio Anri Sala for the The Anri Sala's exhibition which can be viewed till January 2020. We hope to see you enjoying his first monographic exhibition in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg in an ambitious installation. An ensemble of new and recent works juxtaposed with older pieces, will be accompanied by a major work, The Last Resort, a sound installation of thirty-eight snare drums originally created for the Kaldor Public Art Projects in Sydney and now presented for the first time in Europe.

July 2019

Les Architectes sont-ils trop sages ?

An interesting Q&A with Céline Coubray, editor-in-chief at 'Archiduc',Stefano Moreno 'Moreno Architecture' and our very own Shahram Agaajani.
Enjoy !

February 2019

Metaform in action as scenographers!

Recently we have been invited to develop a scenography for an exibition at Mudam Luxembourg - Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean. The exhibition called 'Tour de Madame' is a retrospective dedicated to the painting of Jutta Koether.

'Long associated with writing, music and performance, Koether’s painterly oeuvre shown in this densely sweeping presentation highlights her pictorial and conceptual approach to painting over four decades. Koether’s painting constantly confronts the conditions of its own production, as a site of reflection on the act of looking and the perspectives such an act might bring to bear according to who is looking, how and when. The exhibition crucially highlights the historical significance of Koether’s oeuvre as a counter-history to the (male-dominated) canons of modernism and post-modernism, and the understanding of painting in our contemporary world as part of a dynamic set of historical, cultural and social relations.'

The exhibition is open from 16/02/2019 until 12/05/19. 

November 2018

New Skypark Business Center South at Luxembourg Airport

We are very excited to announce that together with BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group we have won a competition to design The Skypark Business Center South at Luxembourg Airport. 

The new office building is the first development within the Airport City, planned beside Terminal A. The construction is expected to start at 2019. More information via the link.


September 2018

The first Velodrome in Luxembourg!

We are thrilled to announce that we have won an international competition to design the first Velodrome in Luxembourg, together with Mecanoo! The program entails a velodrome, a multi-sports hall and aqua center, and is scheduled for construction between 2020 and 2023. 

Thank you to our consultants Pohl Architekten, Latz + Partner, Transsolar and Werner Sobeck. 

More infromation about the project coming soon!

August 2018

Installation project in SES Head Office in Luxembourg

Recently we have finished a small and inspiring installation project for SES, of telling 30 years of history and success of Luxembourg national company. 

August 2018

Metaform wins the 1st prize in the international competition in Belval!

It is our great pleasure to announce that this spring our project has been selected as the winner of the international competition to design and integrate an urban plaza in the industrial heritage of Belval. The project is a result of a close collaboration with our partners Latz + Partner Landscape Architects and HLG Structural Engineers. 


You can find out more information about the competition following the link below:

March 2018

Metaform wins 1st prize for Post HQ in Luxembourg City!

We are excited to announce that our proposal for the Post Headquarters in Luxembourg City won the 1st prize! The project counts 27 700 sqm of office spaces, it is currently estimated at 100 000 000 EUR, and is scheduled for completion in June 2022! 

We would like to thank our partners T6 - Ney & Partners, Goblet Lavandier and VS-A, and we are looking forward to this new challenge ahead! 

More information about the project will be available soon in our project section. 

March 2018


We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office Metaform Middle East in Dubai!

The inauguration of the office took place in Dubai, at the Burj Khalifa, on February 11 2018. We had a great honor to present our local partners WME, and to host many respected guests from both Luxembourg and Dubai, including H.E. Deputy Prime Minister Etienne Schneider, H.E. Mrs. Elisabeth Cardoso and Mrs. Maggy Nagel, and others. The office itself is located in the Boulevard Plaza Tower 1, Downtown Dubai, and at first will focus mainly on the development of the Luxembourgish pavilion for the forthcoming World Expo in 2020. 


July 2017

Metaform wins 1st prize in housing competition in Belval

We are excited to announce that we have won a 1st prize in housing competition in Belval, Luxembourg, organized by AGORA. 

The project consists of retail area in the ground floor, office spaces in the 1st floor and housing on the upper floors. 



April 2017

Soon in Dubai!

Metaform won the competition to design the Luxembourg pavilion for Expo Dubai 2020. More information about the project coming soon!

December 2016

Dommeldange housing project nominated for Mies van der Rohe Award 2017!

We are very honored to have our housing project in Dommeldange nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2017! 

More information about the award can be found at

September 2016

Time flies in Belval!

Square mile is our biggest project thus far, situated in Belval, south of Luxembourg. It is a mixed-use building, containing retail, offices and housing. We are proud to see its progress and what has been accomplished over the last 2 years!

August 2016

A sneak peak to our most recent house project

For the last couple of years we have been working on three single family houses in Hostert. This is a quick preview of one of them.

Hint: it's not a painting. 


July 2016

Apartment building in Dommeldange - big expectations, great outcome!

The construction of one of our most recent projects is coming to an end! The new residential building in Dommeldange consists of several offset volumes, with specific triangular geometry that follows the orientation and sun exposure. 

Soon there will be more information and more photos, so keep track with our projects section! 

June 2016

BOOS Beach Club

After only a few months of hard work, tight deadlines and cold weather, our project in Bridel, Luxembourg has finally seen the light of the day! We are very happy with the final outcome, it was a real challenge, but it was worth it! Another mission accomplished.

Check out our projects section for more information about the project. 


April 2016

Ma ville / My city - Luxembourg | ARTE

Earlier this year, we had a great honor to present one of our housing projects on ARTE, as a part of their 'Ma ville' series. It was our pleasure to work with BuiltBy.TV and ARTE team, and we look forward to the future collaborations! 

April 2015

Fashion shooting in Goeblange house

Our house project in Goeblange, Luxembourg seems like a perfect setting for a fashion shoot. Architecture and beyond. 

March 2015

Inauguration ceremony in Praia, Capo Verde

Our project, the Centre for Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance in Praia, Capo Verde has finally seen the light of the day! Here are some photos from the inauguration ceremony, in presence of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and Jorge Carlos Fonseca, the president of Capo Verde. Thank you our partners NLA for collaboration and execution!



February 2015

Student housing in Dudelange - mission accomplished!

Location: Dudelange, Luxembourg
Year: 2014
Typology: Residential
Size: 600 sqm
Status: Completed


We are excited to announce the completion of works on our latest student housing project. More images of interior coming soon! 

May 2014

New Concert Hall in Luxembourg-City…our next challenge

Location: Kirchberg, Luxembourg
Year: Construction scheduled 2014-2015
Typology: Concert Hall
Size: 3500 people
Status: In progress

Structural engineers: Schroeder & Associés

October 2013

Apartment building of 15 units

Location: Dommeldange, Luxembourg
Year: Construction scheduled for spring 2014
Typology: Residential
Size: +++
Status: In progress

Structural engineers: Simon & Christiansen
Technical engineers: Sit-Lux

August 2013

A preview of our next project in Belval: SQARE MILE

Location: Belval, Luxembourg
Year: 2012-
Typology: Mixed-use containing housing, retail and offices
Size: 16,000 sqm
Status: In progress

May 2013

Exhibition in Ljubljana – Metaform on display

Metaform took part at the exhibition Houses of the world 2013 at Kongresni Trg in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The exhibition showcases our housing project in Cessange, Luxembourg.   

February 2013

Water tower – competition

For this competition we thought of a different interpretation of the standard water tower program. We chose to play with typologies while incorporating the vibrating surroundings in the design itself. Unfortunately, the jury did not share our enthusiasm.

September 2012

Apartment building of 7 units in Luxembourg

Location: Kirchberg, Luxembourg
Year: February 2011 – July 2012
Typology: Residential
Size: 1,200 sqm
Status: Completed
Client: ASARS Constructions
Photographer: Steve Troes Fotodesign

See more of this project

September 2012

Pedestrian bridge on a stamp

Our pedestrian bridge in Esch is going to be printed on a stamp!
Credit for the design goes to the artist Christian Frantzen.

June 2012

5 awards - BAUHÄREPRÄIS OAI 2012

Congratulations to our clients! They have been awarded by the OAI Luxembourg for Bauhärepräis 2012. We would like to thank them for the support and trust.

For more information please visit:

May 2012

Metaform wins the housing competition in Belval – Nord, phase 3

Location: Belval, Luxembourg
Year: 2012-
Typology: Residential
Size: +++
Status: In progress

See more of this project

March 2012

Cessange housing project wins Archdaily’s 'Building of the year 2011'

Our housing project in Cessange was chosen as the 'Building of the Year 2011' in the category "Housing" among hundreds of international projects. This is a second time that our projects has been selected, since last year our pedestrian bridge in Esch-sur-Alzette was rewarded with this prize in the category "Public Facilities". This competition is organized by Archdaily on yearly bases.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and encouragement!  

For more information please visit:

February 2012

Our new publication 'metaform01' soon in bookstores

The publication is the first in a new series created by Metaform, with the aim to showcase the most significant current and future projects in our office. 'metaform01' is focused on the housing project in Cessange, Luxembourg. The goal is to promote continuous communication and mutual trust between the client and the architect.

At a time when architecture is becoming increasingly divided into various specializations, mastering architecture as a whole has become rare…and even rarer are the architects who accept a project from the concept phase on through to the integration of a multidisciplinary team (engineering consultants, artists..).

Architecture can please or displease. Regardless one’s personal opinion, we believe it should become the object of an open broader debate with the purpose of enriching our building culture.

ISBN 978-2-9599728-5-0

Order here:

November 2011

Residence in Cessange

Location: Cessange, Luxembourg
Year: September 2010 – November 2011
Typology: Residential
Size: 370 sqm
Status: Completed
Static Engineer: INCA s.à.r.l.
Client: Immo Due, Area Immo
Photographer: Steve Troes Fotodesign

See more of this project

November 2011

Inauguration ceremony in Cessange

Thanks to everyone who despite the cold weather shared this special moment with us!

November 2011

The first 'shared space' in Luxembourg

Location: Niederkorn, Luxembourg
Year: 2010 - 2011
Typology: Public space
Size: 3,600 sqm
Status: Completed

See more of this project

October 2011

Metaform wins 'Steel design award 2011'

July 2011

Trafalgar square – Olympic games pavilion in London – competition

Metaform has won an honorable mention in the international competition for the Olympic Games pavilion in London (organized by AC-CA Architectural Competition).
For more information please visit:

July 2011

Nomination of the pedestrian bridge in Esch

Pedestrian bridge in Esch has been nominated for the Steel Design Award 2011.
For more information please visit:

June 2011

The end

Graffiti | Just before its demolition, an old house in Gosseldange got a new and the last breath on June 13. Sumo and his colleagues, Stick and Spike, dressed the derelict house from the inside to the outside. A unique artistic interpretation based on the brutality of a demolition (mundane to our eyes). The transformation of spaces inhabited for decades into a singular and ephemeral object was quite challenging.

March 2011

Luna got a degree to make quantitative estimates!

February 2011

Pedestrian bridge in Esch wins Archdaily’s 'Building of the year 2010' award

Our pedestrian bridge in Esch is the winner of Archdaily's "Building of the year 2010" which recognizes the best buildings featured on their website during 2010.
Thanks to everyone who voted to make METAFORM the winner!

More information can be found at:

February 2011

Luna becomes a coordinator of security on sites

January 2011

Fabrizio Maltese

A super coverage apropos our pedestrian bridge in Esch. Thank you Fabrizio, and your magic wand!

January 2011

Metaform wins international competition with NLA nuno leonidas arquitectos

It has been announced that Metaform together with NLA are the winners of the international competition for a new bioclimatic and energy efficient training center in Cape-Verde, Praia. The project is focused on renewable energies and industrial maintenance (ERMI PSC). The competition was organized by Lux-Development.

December 2010

3rd prize for a competition for a mixed used building in Grünewald district

The project is a result of collaboration between Metaform and Pierre Blondel architects.

Thanks to:
Energy-efficiency consulting: Niederkorn, Luxembourg
Rendering: Kostohryz & Schrapnell

November 2010

Twin houses in Weimershof

Location: Weimershof, Luxembourg
Year: +++
Typology: Residential
Size: +++
Status: Completed

September 2010

Shark attack in Goeblange!?

This is what happens when you let a photographer work alone... :)

September 2010

Release of the 'Carnet d'opinions' No 4.

Some of the new urbanization programs imply replacement of churches with the new shopping malls. Today, commercial zoning policy is one of the government’s major concerns, given that the trade is still one of the essential requirements when it comes to the development of cities. As each city has its own specific history and morphology, the new pattern of urbanization must consider various factors that are included in the process in order to maintain a balanced development.

Download this document (pdf file FR)

This document is available free of charge at the Foundation for Architecture and Engineering.

March 2010

Paulo Mira

Thank you Paulo Mira from Esch for this amazing photo we have just discovered!

March 2010

Goeblange semidetached houses through the lens of Fabienne Delafraye

Thank you Fabienne for the great work!

November 2009

Metaform wins housing competition in Grünewald, Lot 19

Metaform has been announced as a winner of the housing competition in the district of Grünewald, Lot 19. The competition was organized by 'Fonds d'urbanisation et d'aménagement du Plateau de Kirchberg'.

Location: Grünewald, Luxembourg
Year: 2009
Typology: Residential
Size: 4,500 sqm
Status: Competition
Client: ASARS Constructions
External Collaborators: Boshua & Shrapnel 

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