Link ribbon of Gdansk Gdansk | Poland

Gdansk | Poland
Christian Pearson alias SUMO

The main idea of the project is to create a strong identity of the “Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway“, as well as a recognizable, individually designed stops, whose forms would be adapted according the suitable surrounding. The construction of the new railway line will not only improve the infrastructure of the region, but will also create a new representative image of the city, and even the country.

Each of eight stops creates a link between the existing buildings in the city and the new proposed structure. Hence, each stop is assigned to one specific building, in fact its main, recognizable ornaments, whose abstraction and interpretation provide a pattern for the stops’ panels. The generation of the pattern consists of the horizontal and vertical multiplication of the original ornament. As a result, the stops are thus linked to the city, thus guiding the observers’ curiosity and attention to detail. The observer is then invited to find the themes in the cityscape, which perhaps could have been missed otherwise.

In addition to the necessary anticipated lighting of the stops, the concept “link ribbon of Gdansk” presumes a supplementary illumination of red panels, which would contribute to the specific atmosphere, and would serve as a possible transmission of information.