Residence building Kiem Kiem, Kirchberg | Luxembourg

Kirchberg | Luxembourg City
Fonds d'urbanisation et d'aménagement du Plateau de Kirchberg
Static Engineer
Simon-Christiansen & Associés Ingénieurs-Conseils S.à r.l.
Special techniques engineer
Luxplan SA
Landscape architect
Paula Paysage

2nd Prize


To live in a community, independently.

The main idea was to provide a living space that combines the advantages both of individual and collective housing. The project comprises 5 buildings surrounding a public/private green space, essentially belonging to the owners. Two bars form a sort of a “screen” alongside the boulevard, while the three towers on the other side provide more space, and open views towards and from different directions.
Street facades define a common virtual limit. On the other hand, facades towards the interior, assume more play in volumetry, and thus encourage different, separate living units and individuality. The last, indented floor has an aim to deliberately emphasize the corners and visually mark entrances from A and B streets.
The housing from the beginning of the 20th century presumed two distinctive facades of the house: the main one, “noble”, towards the street, and a simpler, reduced one towards the garden. In this project, we played with different appearances of the facades: the outer ones, towards the public spaces are distinguished by vertical openings, leaving the impression of simplicity. The inner ones, towards a collective green space, are mainly characterized by play of loggias, which enforces the feeling of individuality.
The future Kiem district is supposed to foster a new urban space, that would ideally incorporate a piece of agricultural origin, as well as the contemporary architecture already present in Kirchberg neighborhood. The previous agricultural character of the site is incorporated in the project through the development of the public promenade and gardens.