Apartment building of 7 units Weimerskirch | Luxembourg

Weimerskirch, Luxembourg
1.200 sqm
ASARS Constructions
Static Engineer
Simon-Christiansen & Associés Ingénieurs-Conseils S.à r.l.
Special techniques engineer
Sit-Lux SA
Steve Troes Fotodesign

The project is a direct response to its surroundings, which is a display of detached and introverted buildings in the suburban context of Luxembourg City. The program required a cluster of seven living units that would be consistent with each other, but then also represent a proper answer to the context. As a starting point, we presumed a discreet and reduced architecture, based on a compact and clean volume with hidden openings. In order to achieve this, we opted for an envelope of the building that would enhance its monolithic and at the same time quiet appearance. Multi-story housing is often characterized by the differentiation of the staked floors. However, in this project we played with organizations of different volumes along all axes, in order to blur the strict grid and distort mentioned differentiation. This effect has been enhanced with the main façade material - a single light colored panels (fiber-cement panels). Each opening has been specifically designed, in order to frame a different view, and at the same time to allow the natural light into the interior space. The subtle hiding of the openings plays a major role in the overall monumental image of the building. Finally, this allowed us to have a strong control over different units and therefore to appropriately respond to individual requirements of the clients.