Lakeside Restaurant Echternach Luxembourg

Echternach, Luxembourg
Steve Troes

Bauhärepräis 2020


The new Lakeside restaurant is a new emblematic place in the city of Echternach. Situated in the middle of nature on Lake Echternach, Lakeside boasts a modern and contemporary architecture firmly linked to its natural context.

This simple and elegant construction is destined to become a meeting place, a convivial element, a place of rest and pleasure, while fitting harmoniously into the surrounding environment. Divided into two distinct parts, the building merges with the land and transforms it into a landscape sculpture.

The first part is characterized by a monumental staircase. While linking the lake's shoreline to the top of the recreation area, it can be used as a staging area for a stop and a view of the lake or as an amphitheater for summer concerts. The second part is the restaurant itself. Overlooking a generous slender roof towards the lake, the restaurant is characterized by its high bay windows. The space is really cut out between the ground and this roof which will overflow, imposing of this fact an upper limit: it will make the landscape a sight, stretched with the panoramic dimension. In addition, this roof is accessible via the stairs. Realizing the architecture of the new building, this belvedere offers a dominant position to visitors; They can admire the field of view that extends far.

In order to respect the "natural" identity of the place, the new construction plays with the contrasts of raw materials and natural materials: wood, natural stone, glass, concrete seen and raw metal. For a total of 310m², the establishment consists of a dining room, a bar, a hot kitchen and a cold kitchen, several storage spaces and public toilets accessible independently from outside . The main space dedicated to the restoration develops on 130m ². It offers more than 60 seats in a family and casual atmosphere. In summer, a 150m² terrace facing the lake allows guests to be welcomed in a unique setting.