Living and working unit ILOT D Luxembourg City

Côte d'Eich / Rue du Nord, Luxembourg City
14.600 sqm
Fonds de rénovation de la vieille ville de Luxembourg
Static Engineer
SGI Consulting SA
Special techniques engineer
Goblet Lavandier & Associés SA
Relja Ivanic

1st Prize in the competition


The idea of a new architectural intervention comes from the reinterpretation of neighboring facades. Moreover, the façade divided in three parts acknowledges the neighboring alignments, thus resulting in the overall fluid character of the street front. The new deployment, commercial and residential, is reflected in a clear differentiation between the façade materials: glass ground floor and a massive plaster for the two upper floors. A rigorous game of the window openings strengthens the public status of the building façade, which faces one of the central city streets. This façade is the display of the project, and must therefore integrate the building in the existing urban fabric, while at the same time assert the contemporary side of the new intervention. The narrowness of the Côte d'Eich street caused the tilting of the openings, in order to pen new views towards the Place du Théâtre and Grand-Rue. These tilts reconsider old typologies of neighboring vertical windows.
A new housing bar, which defines different spaces, crosses the interior of the project. Inside pathways represent the core of the project. This 'social links' softly articulate the border between private and public spaces. The small houses and apartments at the ground floor level are equipped with a private terrace / garden. The two – level organization of the inside commune court not only considers the slope of the terrain, but also divides the space into two zones, with distinctive atmosphere and character.
The main idea of the dwelling organization comes from the mixing of population: everyone should be able to find the suitable dwelling. The housing that faces Côte d'Eich is arranged in a conventional manner, with rooms oriented towards the calm interior. The renovation of the old buildings allows implementation of the 'loft' apartments with significant ceiling heights, and apartments with rather conventional configuration.
The commercial zone occupies the ground floor of the Côte d'Eich street, with the aim to promote the economic development of the street. The tunnel space is quite particular: accessible from the 'Nord' street, the space gives a possibility for a restaurant or café, or a showroom (gallery, museum).