Luxembourg Pavilion at DUBAI EXPO2020 Dubai, UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Pavilion, Exposition
2100 m2
In progress
Scenographer - Jangled Nerves
External Collaborator

1st prize in Dubai Expo2020 Competition for Luxembourg Pavilion


The theme designated for the Luxembourg’s pavilion at Dubai EXPO2020 is “Opportunity”. It reflects the history of Luxembourg, its present and future. The proposed pavilion is like the country: small and ambitious, intriguing and reassuring, and above all generous and open.

The formal proposition is inspired by a Mobius strip, where twisting and folding of a ribbon results in one single surface, with no beginning and no end, symbolizing an infinity, and in the particular context of ‘cradle to cradle’, the circular economy. The pavilion is modeled and organized around this principle, while partial optimization of the width of a ribbon creates a needed shade and protection.

A setback is created between the main walking street and the building itself, thus creating certain distance and space, allowing for the clear perception of the whole. The experience starts at the waiting line. A ramp, as a sort of a red carpet, as a guide invites the visitor to discover, leading the way between the inside and the outside skin of the building. The limit between interior and exterior is blurred. The single face of the ribbon is at one time a floor, a wall, a ceiling, hence the multilayered scenography canvas. Altogether, a continuous flux of images and people is being distributed from the starting point to the top second floor. Scenography and architecture are complementary, allowing the visitor to merge with the exhibition. In didactic, interactive and intuitive way, different projections and animations show the country and its inhabitants.

The ground floor accommodates the storage area accessible from the back, restrooms, VIP suite and administration unit with the visibility over the central area, and the restaurant with an open kitchen and the gift shop oriented towards the front area. The first floor, accessible directly from the main ramp, is a multi-functional space. In case of a concert, reception, conference, the side door is closed, and the ramp guides visitors without interruption towards the top. In case of a temporary exhibition, the door serves as a barrier, and the indoor space becomes an intuitive part of the flow. The second floor is the highest reaching point, dedicated to the space themed exhibition. To reach the earth again, the visitor is faced with three choices: stairs and elevator as a rather conventional ones, and a slide through the picturesque green patio, as a fun one.

The journey from the bottom to the top is continuous but constantly changing. The visitor is moving between inner and outer protective skins, hence the feeling of being in and out at the same time. The proportions of the space change constantly, in terms of width, height, depth, view, perspective. Due to its very particular and unique landscape, Luxembourg City offers similar changes in perception. The aim was to give a hint of this experience while moving inside the pavilion too. At the same time, visual connections are created on different levels and between different stages, ambiances and attitudes of people, enhancing curiosity.