Residence building in Belval-Nord Belval - Nord | Luxembourg

Belval, Luxembourg
May 2014
4.900 sqm
ASARS Constructions
Static Engineer
Simon-Christiansen & Associés Ingénieurs-Conseils S.à r.l.
Special techniques engineer
Sit-Lux SA

1st prize in housing competition organized by AGORA


Discrete and clear architecture with asserted openings which define the
volumes. The building consists of 40 apartments, together with the outside access
garden area. Primarily, the building is orientated towards the green central island, where
all the entrances are located. The central zone is characterized by ‘vegetation screens’,
which define the circulation areas with gardens. While giving priorities and rhythms to the
entrance halls, their organization permits the privatization of the individual gardens, and
prevent the unwanted views into the apartments. This sort of ‘atmosphere’ is accented by
the use of interior façade in golden yellow tone of plaster, differing from the outside white
façade, orientated towards the ‘Public green’ area. This differentiation in colors enhances
the dynamics of the facades and visually reduces the building volumetry. Yet more, the
use of openings that vary in size and position contributes to the lightness of the whole.
Depending on their position in the building, all of the apartments dispose of particular
configuration, suitable for the largest number of people.
The apartment typology varies from 1 to 3 bedrooms, one floor or duplex. On the ground
floor the service areas (WC, storage, kitchen, entrance) revolve around the central
courtyard. Living rooms and bedrooms are, on the other hand, orientated towards terraces
and back gardens. On the upper floors, the majority of the apartments are transversal,
and dispose of a minimum of 2 facades. The organizational principle involves clustering
of day/night zones, in order to ensure improved acoustic quality. In addition to reducing
the depth of the apartments, loggias also offer well oriented outside spaces (east and

The building respects the principles of Passive House Standard (AAA).