Shelter in Koerich Koerich | Luxembourg

Koerich | Luxembourg
Administration communale de Koerich
Static Engineer
T6-Ney & Partners S.à r.l.
Steve Troes fotodesign

The shelter characterized by its light galvanized steel structure was conceived independently from the existing school building, like a red carpet rolled out in the school yard, flirting with the existing building without imposing itself.

The use of the same colors for the ground coating as for perforated metal skin leads to a welcoming character and clearly marks the entrance of the school. The main aims in the design were to create a barrier to the north-west wind and in creating the facility to accommodate around hundred children in bad weather conditions.

The trapezoidal roof is supported by two bearings situated at the extremities of the structure. The sharply drafted lines create surfaces whose inclinations help to accentuate the dynamism of the form. This particular geometry, without the presence of any right angles, could only be achieved by using a steel structure, one of the few materials adapted for supporting such a massive overhang.

The shelter in Koerich is the result of the quest for an identity, a form or a landmark.

Faced to its bright yellow color, it evokes in us a doubtful and at the same time familiar feeling, familiar as this color is already present in several areas of the school, doubtful because the porch serves as the gate to another world, the world of our children. Once crossed the yellow carpet, the children are protected from the wind and rain and leaded to the entrance of the building, projected into the world of learning and education, but they have to beware, as the teacher is never far away...