Transformation and extension of administration building Cloche d’Or | Luxembourg

Cloche d'Or, Luxembourg
9.500 sqm
Leasinvest Immolux
Static Engineer
Simtech SA
Special techniques engineer
Housetech SA
Steve Troes Fotodesign and Relja Ivanic

The project included a major renovation of an existing 4-floor office building and the extension to its maximum volume. The relation to the previous organization is preserved through the staircases and the 2 underground levels. The main idea was to transform 4 floors into 8 independent platforms, each being supplied with its own sanitary box located in the center of the building. The existing openings were extended, in order to bring more light into the interior. The atrium is the key connection element between the old and the new, at the same time adding to dramatic atmosphere when one enters the building. The extended volume consists of 4 floors, with 4 independent platforms. All together, the new complex now includes 12 office floors which are suitable for possible needed regrouping, both horizontally and vertically. The exterior gives an image of 3 small units: 3 light natural stone blocks are placed on a black granite base. In order to emphasize the main entrance, the new volume surpasses the two others. Metal panels aim to soften the borders between the old and new frames, while adding a level of depth to the façade.