Transformation and extension of the 'Bichler house' | Student housing Mondercange | Luxembourg

Mondercange, Luxembourg
575 sqm
Administration communale de Mondercange
Static Engineer
Simon-Christiansen & Associés Ingénieurs-Conseils S.à r.l.
Special techniques engineer
Sit-Lux SA
Steve Troes Fotodesign

Bauhärepräis 2012


Eager to meet the growing demand from the University of Luxembourg student housing needs, and in preparation for the future University in Belval, the City Hall of Mondercange undertook the renovation and expansion of a house neglected for years. ‘Maison Bicheler’ is located on one of the main streets of Mondercange. The house dates from 1933 and has already disposed of a certain charm, with the overall condition quite satisfactory. Many generously sized rooms (+/- 17m2) were ideal for the student rooms (9 rooms in total).

In order to ensure the profitability and ease the management, it was decided to attach an extension towards the street, thus adding 6 more student rooms. This extension was at the same time good opportunity to develop a new façade towards the Rue d’Esch, which was until that moment bordered by a one-floor garage, not appropriate to the size of the street. The architecture of the extension is quite discreet, with a wide glass gap, facilitating the new entrance to the building. From the street side, the sliding aluminum shutters indicate a new – student housing – function, filter the light and prevent unwanted views. The stairs, the ramp and the terrace in exposed concrete contrast strongly the uniform whiteness of the entire house.