Water tower Cloche d’Or | Luxembourg City

Cloche d’Or | Luxembourg City
Ville de Luxembourg
Static Engineer
T6-Ney & Partners S.à r.l.
Special techniques engineer
Luxplan SA

The basic concept of the project is quite simple: 2 concrete cores - 55m tall support a steel beam of tubular cross-section, which comprises 2 longitudinally positioned water tanks. The idea is to utilize the materials efficiently, where each element would anticipate several functions.

The geometry of the tubular steel beam comes from a form-finding research. In fact, the actual shape comes from the shape of a sheet filled with the maximum amount of water. “Force-density” method was being used in the process, in order to reduce the weight pressure by optimizing the shape of the bottom sheet. The two vertical cores in reinforced concrete adopt the tubular shaped section themselves, allowing the efficient connection between the columns and the beam.

In order to create a strong relationship between the structure and the environment, the bottom of the tubular beam is covered with the stainless steel polished mirror, allowing thus the various views and reflections from all around. Depending on the observer’s position and movement, the reflection in the mirror will be constantly changing.

The formal and dimensional aspects of the tower allow perceptions on different levels, apart from its original technical function. Firstly, seen from the international highway, the tower presumes representational function, by becoming the “door of the city”. Furthermore, the “mirror” function comes to place when the structures is observed from the surrounding neighborhood and the park. Finally, pedestrian and bicycle paths pass through the structure, allowing natural integration of the whole into the landscape.